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moving company software

Why Is CompuMove Better?

It's certainly true that generic software can keep a set of books, and a spreadsheet can manage warehouse locations, and operations notes can be written on a shipment folder. However, the real value of CompuMove's truly integrated system goes beyond just having a better place for everything.

By seamlessly bringing together all of the different bits of information about a shipment, from the beginning of the sales cycle, through scheduling, rating and forms printing, into billing and revenue distribution, through the warehouse and final payment — something better than just convenience is achieved.

The buzzword for this is Synergy. The real results of CompuMove's information synergy are better service for your customers, and better information for you. Quicker answers, fewer callbacks, increased accuracy. Your customers will be able to tell the difference - and so will your bottom line.

Custom Setup
All movers are the same, right? Some trucks, some guys, a warehouse — what's the difference?

Obviously, you know the difference. The modern moving industry, with its complex shipment forms, multiple tariffs, commissioned and subcontract workers, internet email leads, van line and agent affiliations, military and account work — a generic, one-size-fits-all solution just isn't going to do it.

The heart of every CompuMove installation is the custom setup. Included in the basic system price, your custom setup will be created by us to include your rates, your existing forms, your sales and operations worker and equipment resources, your warehouse layout, your distribution and commission schedules — the works.

As you can imagine, creating and maintaining a full-featured enterprise-management system for today's moving and storage industry is no small task. Even the most talented of programmers would quickly discover that there's much, much more to our modern moving industry than an outsider is going to learn in a few weeks or even months.

What's the answer? Experience. Experience in the day-to-day operations of a moving company, experience in software and database development and support, and experience combining everything together into a proven, successful solution. Without question, CompuMove Systems Corporation has a proven history of doing just that — for hundreds of moving companies from coast to coast — since 1984!

Read On & See For Yourself!
The purpose of this web site is to allow you to see for yourself exactly what the CompuMove program looks like. CompuMove is purposefully designed so that it's obvious what is happening on every screen. No cryptic codes, no mystery function keys, no random splattering of unrelated information on a screen. Just clean, straightforward presentation of the information you need, logically organized with professional consistency.

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